Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are all in this together!

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted anything. Sorry about that! Its seems like there is a ton of things going on here lately! Fall is here now (for the most part) and it has gotten me thinking about schooling, and schooling has gotten me thinking about next year! (Yes, next year already! :) Carly will be in Kindergarten and I have been tossing ideas around about the best way to teach her as this year goes on and as we enter full force into schooling next year. And in my thoughts I realized that no matter what I do, no matter what choice I make there will have to be changes, challenges, and sacrifices (ugh. I wish there was an easy way out lol). I also realize that you guys (and every other parent in the world who has to educate their child) have to deal with the challenges and sacrifices too. This made me extremely thankful for the people that I know who are there to help talk things through, who can offer ideas, and who are there to understand the fears and dreams. And that I realized is exactly what HOPE is all about. Its not necessarily about homeschooling, its about educating our kids to be the best, most well rounded, and happiest kids they can be. For most of the group that is homeschooling right now, but maybe that changes. Maybe some find a school that will work out super well for their kids, maybe someone cant handle the time demands, maybe someone has to go back to work because of family situations and cant homeschool anymore. Those thing happen everywhere, and does that mean that they are no longer welcome to HOPE? No! We are a group here to support everyone who wants a great education that will make their kids amazing people and happy in life. In fact out name means " Helping Ohio Parents Educate" not just homeschooling! So I want to encourage you to invite anyone who might need some support to come to the meetings, to visit our website, and to ask questions! We are here to share our hopes and joys, our fears and insecurities, and our successes! Just remember that we are in this together! Happy Schooling! :)
PS. I thought that this picture was funny! lol Our picnic in May was SO COLD! :)

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