Thursday, October 27, 2011

Museum Field Trip

Well today was our trip to the art Museum and it was awesome! Mrs. L {who taught the class} planned out a tour of the art work that focused on different aspects of color that we learned about in the class! We saw all the colors on a color wheel, color families, analogous colors, neutrals, tones and shades, and even how colors work together to draw your eye to a part of a picture! The kids loved it! They were really focused and interest in amazing art! Even the Littles got into looking at the colors! Here are some pictures from our trip!

This picture was really fun for me. I was with the Littles and I asked them what they saw. LS (age 2) told me that she saw a circle and a butterfly in the circle! RM (age 2) said that it was fish! It is so cute when even the small kids appreciate art!

Here are all of the kids! We had such a great time and the color class was awesome!!! We have a field trip at the Fire Station next week and I will tell you all about it! Happy Schooling!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Color Class~ Week 7

Well I cant believe that we are at the end of our color class! The kids have learned so much about colors, mixing, painting techniques, and color families! Today they made their own color wheel with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors! They also talked about color families and how they work together! It was a fun class and the kids worked really hard to remember where all the colors went on the color wheel! Here are some pictures of our class!
Talking about the color wheel and how to paint it!

Here we are talking about color families!

Even the plates with the paint looked beautiful!

Aren't they great?

Here is a finished color wheel!

After the kids finished their color wheel, they wanted to do some free painting with all the colors they had! So they went to work right away! The results were awesome! I love it when kids get creative!

Painting by CM age 5

Painting By HM age 3 

Painting by NL age 7

Painting by CS age 5

Painting by CS age 5

The Littles were able to use some sponge painters with warm and cool colors! They had alot of fun!

"Do you want to trade?" I love that they are working together!

Here is their work!

So that ends our color classes! I have had fun and I know that the kids did too! Next week we have a field trip to the art museum planned to wrap up the fun! I'll see you then!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Color Class~ Week 6

We are nearing the end of our color class and today's lesson was on tints and shades! Tints, we learned, are made by adding white to a color. Shades are made by adding black to a color! The kids were making a tree today by mixing tints and shades to get different colors! Then they used these colors to splotch on the branches! The results were really good! The kids had so much fun! Here are the pictures of our class!

Here is Mrs. L explaining color mixing

Here is the demonstrating color splochting!

So cool! I love the colors and how they work together! After this the kids got to work!

 Here are some of the finished masterpieces that they kids made!!!! They are so great! I love creativity! :)

The Littles worked really hard too! They started off with black and white paint on colored paper. That was fun {and messy}! Then I pulled out the dot painters and made some tree branches so that they could make trees too! It was so cute to hear them banging the painters! Here are some pictures of them working!

So that is art class for Week 6! I hope to stop back soon for more art fun! Happy Schooling everyone!