Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Jesse Tea!

Well today we had a little seasonal fun....Advent season that is! We really wanted to have a chance to remember what the Christmas season is all about! So Mrs. L found a really amazing tea party that was focused around the Jesse Tree. The Jesse tree is a way to remember the historical events that lead up to the birth of Christ. This tea party wasn't just tea and crumpets however, each food represented a different part of the Jesse Tree. We started off by reviewing the Jesse tree with a felt board version of it. Mrs.L did a great job telling the stories, and everyone there did a great job helping remember all the details!

After that we all sat down for tea! It looked (and tasted) amazing! Here are a few pictures of the food and what they represent (they aren't all in order)!
Here is the tea already to serve!

Jesse Tea, and the Apple for Adam and Eve.

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

Noah's ark animals and rainbows

Stars for the descendants of Abraham

Bundles of Sticks for Abraham almost sacrificing his son

Burning Bush (Moses)

10 Commandments

Johna and the "whales"

Root of Jesse

Bread for the "City of Bread" for Bethlehem

Honey for St. John the baptist

Angles told Mary she would have a baby!

White cookies for the purity of Jesus and red for the sacrifice he would make!

Here are the older girls organizing the food in historical order!

Everyone thought the tea was amazing! Yum!

It really was a fun, special, and memorable way to start off the advent season!!!! Thanks so much to Mrs.L for planning and hosting this, and to everyone who came and helped make it special! Happy Advent!

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  1. Such a beautiful and memorable idea. It looks like all of the kids had a great time. :)