Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Naming your mission!!!

Discovery Day Homeschool! That is the name that I am thinking of naming our homeschool. What do you all think? I think that it says what I want out homeschool to be about. Sure we need to learn all the state required stuff, but I want her to love doing it! I want her to really understand what she learns and I want, more then anything, for to never loose her enthusiasm for discovering new ideas! So this brings me to the question that I want to see if any of you have thought of, what is your mission in educating your kids? What do you want for them? I think that having a really clear idea of what you want out of your homeschooling experience. As parents out first and primary mission is to make sure that out kids are ready in the best possible way to be the best citizens they can be. How will you do this? Summer is here and now we have a chance to really prep for the fall that comes upon so fast! lol The homeschool catalogs are starting to flow in and all of a sudden the school supply list starts to grow! lol Having the goals in mind before getting into the catalogs can save a ton of time( and money ;) For me, I love doing unit studies and preparing so many different topics. I love also to have the freedom to take off and learn about whatever strikes out fancy! Our best friend is the library!!!! lol So I really encourage you to find YOUR mission, hold on to it, and let it shape all you do in your education, even if your not sure your are a homeschooler! All parents are educators and have to determine the best way to educate their family! Dont just pick the easiest thing, the cheapest thing, or the common thing without making sure that it is the best thing. Happy Educating! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I get caught up too!

Well everyone, I have just found out that I dont always practice what I preach! Yikes! Thats always a humbling thought! lol We have been hard at work doing our around the world study, and while we have been having fun, I realized that the outdoors are calling and we are both loosing interest- Fast! So mom asked why we didnt just move on and it hit me, I can!!!! Isnt that my goal in homeschooling? Isnt my goal to make sure that I am feeding her interest to learn? Well her interest is moving outside as the weather gets better. Well silly me thought that I need to finish what I planned out. Why? Cause it was all written up! Does it need to be done? No not she's only 4 and we have experienced a wide variety of cultures. Mission accomplished! Do any of you do that? Do you think you have to finish something even though everyone is board and got the point of the study a long time ago? I guess that i am not perfect after all ( bummer). This is something that I know I will need to work on as we move through the years. If we have learned what we are meant to learn then we can move on. Why beat a dead horse? That's not say that we dont need to finish things, just that if a concept has been learned then we get to try a new on. If we dont the work become a boring and horrible thing, for us and the kids.

As summer approaches I also realize that I dont need to keep schooling, but i want to. I want to keep doing new things with the girls. Pirates! That one of the things that we are going to study. Dont ask why, but Carly insists that it is something she should know. So I guess that is another sign that after experiencing the wide world and it cultures for 5 weeks now ( i guess that is a long study for a 4 year old), we are off to Neverland!!!! lol Keeping the fire is hard, but maybe a little change is all we need! So Happy Summer Schooling! Make sure that as we move into the off season that we can find something that makes us all have fun and love the learning!!!!!