Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Science Expirment~ by JL age 15

I am so excited to post a great science experiment done by JL! He has written it up with pictures so that you can try it too!!!!!

Experiment 3.1~ How a Barometer works

Supplies :
Large Mason Jar
Tea light candle
Candle holder
Clear flat bowl
Food coloring

I first took the clear flat bowl and filled it with a very little water so it was about a quarter of a inch full.
then I put the mason jar in the bowl to double check if there was enough water. After that I put food coloring in the bowl dyeing it red. Next I put the candle in its holder and placed it in the water, I lit the candle with the match and covered it with the Mason jar.

When I covered the candle with the Mason jar the flame started to slowly dim until it finally went out.
While the flame burned up the oxygen in side the jar the water had to seep into the jar to even out the air pressure, so that there was a even pressure inside the jar and outside it.

The first time I performed the experiment I did not have enough water to even out the pressure, so I had to put more water in to the bowl so it worked. This experiment shows how a barometer works. After I observed what happen I cleaned everything up and put it away.

That is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing with is JL! I love that you sent pictures too! Keep up the great work and maybe we'll see another experiment soon! Remeber if your kids have done some great work, please send me a picture and a small paragraph all about it! We love to see what you have been up to! Happy Schooling!

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