Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Body Study~ Week 2

Well everyone, I have been really bad at getting things put up here on the blog! So sorry! Last week we learned all about the skin! We talked about the different layers of the skin, how the oils protect the skin from the outside, how our fingerprints are different, and how there are many different colors, but it all does the same thing! I think that it was a really great lesson and so simple and wonderful! Here are a few pictures of our day!

This is a Bible Verse that we used to talk how wonderful God made all of us!

Here we were making finger prints to see how different people have different fingerprints!

This little experiment showed how the oils on you skin protect it from the outside. We also used it to explain why your skin wrinkles in the water when you are in it too long!

Working on the layers of the skin

These are some people that we made. Each one will have a different body system on it when we are done!
It was a really great lesson and a really great start to our study! Stayed tuned, another post is coming right up! Happy Schooling!

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