Friday, June 3, 2011

HOPE Zoo Trip!

Today we had our zoo trip to kinda end our homeschool year! Aimee was able to get some great scavenger hunts!!!!! Thank You Aimee! There was a ton of people there, but we were able to see all the animals that we wanted to! We went to see the arctic animals, then we went to see the Africa animal. The kids were all very excited to see the giraffes! There were walking around! Next we headed over the bridge and went into the aviary. There we saw all kinds of birds, but the favorite of the kids was the Rhinoceros Horned Billed Toucan. It was huge and made the weirdest sound the the kids kept trying to imitate! Next we headed to the Primate area. Lily wanted to see the "monkeys" all week! Se we stopped to watch the Orangutans for a while and then we saw the gorillas. The male silver back gorilla came right up to the window and posed for everyone! It was really funny! After that we went to the garden behind the conservatory to eat lunch. It was a nice relaxing time sitting the the grass and watching the kids play cops and robbers! :) We ended by checking out the fish and the reptiles! The kids had fun and were all worn out (at least mine were)! Here are the pictures that I managed to get!


Rhinoceros Horned Billed Toucan



Lily just watched and watched!

Gorilla Posing. (sorry the lighting was bad)

We ate in the shade of these bushes. The boys thought they were a great place to hide!

Here are the kids looking at a Python.

I hope that everyone can join us for our next event! My mom now has a pool, so we are planning a pool party soon! I hope everyone had fun today! I know that we did!

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