Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knitted Bracelet Showcase!

Today KL is back with a really pretty Bracelet she made all by herself!!! I think that she did an amazing job and I know you will too! Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below! So without further ado, here is KL!

My Knitted Bracelet

Just for fun I knitted a bracelet. I wanted to make one ever since I saw them in a knitting book we got out from the library. My mom helped me to figure out how to knit it. Here is how I made it.

I used size three double pointed knitting needles, some striped sock yarn, six small orange beads and a big crystal bead. We cast on five stitches. I knitted six rows and then I put a small orange bead on. I did this by knitting two stitches and taking the third stitch off with small crochet hook that had a small orange bead on it. Then I slipped the bead onto the third stitch. This is harder than it sounds. I did this about six times until it fit around my wrist. My mom tied it off and put the big crystal bead on for me, so I can button or unbutton it. This bracelet is very pretty, but if you get it wet, it will stretch out and smell like wet dog!

KL that is an amazingly cute bracelet and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing! I am so happy to have your post! If anyone has some work they would like to share with everyone, send me an email! Happy Schooling!

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