Thursday, September 15, 2011

Color Class~ Week 3

Its Thursday again and that means that we had our art class again! It was a wonderful class! We talked about the color wheel and how the secondary colors we made last week fit right into wheel in a nice order! The kids all painted a color wheel, then used that wheel in a design they choose! It was a great way to combine a structured project with creative painting! The kids had fun and the paintings were really well done! Our teacher is so amazing! Each week the kids paintings all turn out really well! Here are the pictures of today's class!

Learning about the color wheel.

The kids made the color wheel first

The younger kids used pre- mixed colors and the older kids mixed their own colors.

Here is ML's color wheel

He turned it into a snail! :)

Here is KL mixing her own colors

NL made a really great flower!

Here is BS working really hard on his color wheel!

HM wanted to turn his color wheel into a tractor!

CS worked really long on her project. This is the beginning stages, but she made a man walking a dog eating a giant rainbow ice cream!

VL decided to make his art abstract! His goal was to have the colored stripes draw your eye into the color wheel! I'd say her did a good job!

Here are the girls working! Bunny made her picture a hot air balloon, and CM did some amazing flower around her color wheel snail!

Isn't her snail and flowers really good!

Here is CS painting further on! I love her creativity!

Here is HM finishing his tractor.

The Littles had a lot of fun painting too! We just give them some paint and let them experiment!

So there you have it! Week 3 is all done! The kids had fun and it was really great to see all the creative ideas that they came up with! Stop back soon as we will have some great student bloggers this week! Happy Schooling everyone!

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