Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fire Station Tour!

Today we all went on a fire station tour at our local fire station. It was really great! The kids learned a little bit about fire safety, about the trucks and how they work, about the rescue squad, about how the fire fighters fight fires, and how they can find you in a fire! It was really great and super education, plus the kids got to climb in a real truck and see all the fire equipment! It was fun to watch the kids try things out and see what a fireman in full gear looks like! You know I'm a fan of hands on learning! But the point was more then just fun. The firemen really like being able to have the kids come and meet them. They want to show them all the gear and what they do, so that if a child is in the fire they know what a real fireman looks and sounds like so they don't get more frightened. This was kind of surprising for some of the kids who had never seen or heard a fireman with their breathing masks on! So I think that it was fun and something that could save their lives! Here are the pictures of our trip!
Meet Fire Fighter Jim!

Here are the kids going through the Rescue Squad.

Fire Fighter Jim is showing the kids how heavy and big the fire hose is.
They have two men working together whenever its used! With over 100 lbs of pressure its hard to hold!

These two were so happy finding a seat! ;)

Here he is telling them about all the other things that they pack on the truck!

Ok there are some cute pictures that are just fun! :)

Here are all the kids waiting to get in the fire truck! :)

Finally Fire Fighter Jim showed the kids the gear and how he puts it all on. It over 30lbs! Her can get it all on in about 45 seconds, when he needs to. He took his time so the kids could see it!

Here he is showing the kids how a fireman walks through the house. He made sure that he told the kids that they banged the floor (to make sure that the floor is sound) and they always have a tool with them! He had all the air hooked up too so they could hear the way he talked and how the mask hissed.

The kids also got to try on the fireman's coat, just to see how heavy it is!

So it was a great trip! The kids all enjoyed it too! Thanks so much Fire Fighter Jim for taking the time to help kids all over the city know what to do! :)
If anyone has a picture or a report that they would like to share, please email it to me!

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