Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Party!

Out last body class was on Valentine's day, so Adena planned an amazing party for the kids! I love it when we can get together and have some fun! As homeschoolers, sometimes it seems like they miss out on some of those little moments of fun that kids in school a Valentines Day party! :) So we decorated and planned out a great lunch! Plus we had crafts, and games! It was everything wonderful like a party should be!!!! We started off with secret message hearts! The kids water painted to reveal the message! Then they got to decorate some bags to put their valentines in! They were super excited about that! Then we headed up for some lunch!!!! We had little pizza's with pepperoni hearts, strawberries and cucumber hearts, rice krispie treat hearts, mini brownies, and some amazing chocolates!!! It was super fun and the kids LOVED it!!!! After lunch, the kids played bingo using conversation heart for markers and they played it forever! I think that they had more fun with that then any other game they could have played! It worked for the older ones and the younger ones! Perfect! Here are some pictures of the fun!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day and I hope that you did too! Stop back next week for our next Body Study Post! See you then!

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