Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Body Study~ Week 3

Well this week we were talking about the skeleton! The class started off by watching "Dem Bones" which is a really great, short movie about the bones in your body and how they are connected! While they watched, they learned some of the names of the bones, how they work, where they are in the body, and the total number of bones in the human body! Super fun! The kids loved it! Then it was time to add some bones to our life sized bodies that we traces a couple of weeks before! This I think that this was a highlight of the today! To end the study we made a model of the living bone out of food! At first we thought that only the older kids would get this, but if there's food there's kids!;) Everyone wanted a part of this! It was really cool! All the kids got to take home a skeleton to take home and make! I think Julie did an amazing job and it was alot of fun!

Here is the living bone model:
Bread for the spongy middle of the bone
Jelly for bone marrow
Twizzler for the blood veins
Cookies for the hard layer of bone
Tortilla for the outer protective layer.

Pretty neat huh?

So that was another  amazing study! Thanks to Julie for organizing and making this really memorable! I mean, who can forget a bone that you can eat?! ;)

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