Thursday, October 13, 2011

Color Class~ Week 6

We are nearing the end of our color class and today's lesson was on tints and shades! Tints, we learned, are made by adding white to a color. Shades are made by adding black to a color! The kids were making a tree today by mixing tints and shades to get different colors! Then they used these colors to splotch on the branches! The results were really good! The kids had so much fun! Here are the pictures of our class!

Here is Mrs. L explaining color mixing

Here is the demonstrating color splochting!

So cool! I love the colors and how they work together! After this the kids got to work!

 Here are some of the finished masterpieces that they kids made!!!! They are so great! I love creativity! :)

The Littles worked really hard too! They started off with black and white paint on colored paper. That was fun {and messy}! Then I pulled out the dot painters and made some tree branches so that they could make trees too! It was so cute to hear them banging the painters! Here are some pictures of them working!

So that is art class for Week 6! I hope to stop back soon for more art fun! Happy Schooling everyone!

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