Thursday, October 27, 2011

Museum Field Trip

Well today was our trip to the art Museum and it was awesome! Mrs. L {who taught the class} planned out a tour of the art work that focused on different aspects of color that we learned about in the class! We saw all the colors on a color wheel, color families, analogous colors, neutrals, tones and shades, and even how colors work together to draw your eye to a part of a picture! The kids loved it! They were really focused and interest in amazing art! Even the Littles got into looking at the colors! Here are some pictures from our trip!

This picture was really fun for me. I was with the Littles and I asked them what they saw. LS (age 2) told me that she saw a circle and a butterfly in the circle! RM (age 2) said that it was fish! It is so cute when even the small kids appreciate art!

Here are all of the kids! We had such a great time and the color class was awesome!!! We have a field trip at the Fire Station next week and I will tell you all about it! Happy Schooling!

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