Monday, October 3, 2011

Pottery Class, Garden Adventure, and Play time!

Well I finally have time to post all about the pottery class that we were able to set up at a local garden/ park place {I'm not sure what to call it}! The little kids were too small to make pottery, so some of the moms took the littles off to explore! They had a ton of fun in the fairy garden, they loved the tunnel system they could explore, they made great music in the large instrument area, they saw new plants in the bio dome, and they scaled mountains in the large muscle area! It was so much fun for them {and us}!

The other kids had an amazing time working on their pottery project! I know that my daughter, CS, loved it so much she wants to do it again! She talked all about her project for quite a while, and she even knows where she will put it after its fired! :)

Finally we ended out awesome day by a picnic at the nearby playground!!!!! Talk about great! The kids loved it! It was really good to see them helping each other play too! There was a little merri go round and some of the kids were riding it, some were pushing it, and some were doing both! ;) At one point a little girl that was at the park was crying because her wanted to ride the horse with her brother who was playing with the kids. All the kids jumped in to stop the horses, and one got off so she could ride with her brother, and they helped her get on. It was such a sweet story of caring kids! I LOVE those moments!

So all in all it was a really great day! I love days like this where we can all have fun! I hope you stop back soon, we have some awesome get together later this week! Happy Schooling!

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