Thursday, October 6, 2011

Color Class~ Week 5

Well its Thursday again! :) That means I have another color class post! Today the lesson was on complementary colors! The kids needed to draw a large shape on their paper, and then write their names in the middle. Then they needed to pick two complementary colors {red and green, purple and yellow, or blue and orange}. Next they paint the shape one color and their name another. As a final step, then mix the two colors they chose together to get a gray color and use that to paint the background! They turned out really well! I thought it was kinda fun that one side of the table chose blue and orange, and the other side chose purple and yellow! There was a couple of kids in the middle that did green and red! :) Here are the pictures of our class!
Learning about the complementary colors!


ML got right to work! He did it all himself!

So Proud!

Mixing colors!

Here is a finished art page by NL

The Little's were able to try out the liquid water color! LS didn't care much for it, but RM LOVED it! They made some pretty pictures! The liquid water color is beautiful! :)

Here is RM art

Here is SL's! So pretty!

So that is all for our color class this week! We will be back next week with more color classes! Stay tuned! :) Happy Schooling!

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