Saturday, April 10, 2010

Miss Liberty!!!

Well I thought I would update the blog while Carly and James are out an adventure and I am home with Lily ( both of us are sick). We have started our around the world discovery days and so far its been fun! We are of course starting with the USA. and Carly now knows that it is called the United States of America! :) Yesterday we talked about the statue of Liberty and she really like her! So our craft was to make the torch and the crown. Carly was kinda into it and I wasnt sure how much she was paying attention, but when I put the crown on her and she held the torch, she stood just like Lady Liberty! It was so cute! I took one pic, but she told me that it was wrong cause she needed to hold a book too. After she got a book she made me take the pic again!

So she was paying attention! It always good when you realize that they do listen to you after all! :)

Another cute thing happened this week, Carly has decided that her life's calling is to be a teacher and teach babies! :) So she set up a school in the playroom and proceeded to teach her babies. She read stories, wrote "words" up on the little chalk board she had, and taught them to wash their hands! It was really cute to watch. I did however see bits and pieces of the lectures I give her repeated to her "kids" about sharing and being nice! 4 Year olds are SO CUTE! I hope you all are remembering to have fun too! :)

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