Friday, April 2, 2010

Preperation, Preperation!

Well we finished our Bird discovery days here! We had a ton of fun! Carly wanted to know why we did all the projects. She even said that she wanted her next birthday party to be a bird birthday! lol I guess that means it was successful! :)

So with that done I'm on to a ton of preparations! We are starting our Around the World Discovery this week. I have finally gotten my plans written down and I have been keeping the Library in business single handedly! We are starting with the USA and then moving down to Mexico. The Unit Study will take us about 8 weeks with one country a week. We have our books to ready for the next two weeks. I hope she likes it. It was her idea, so I think that she will. Each week we are going to color a paper doll, and glue it, and the flag into a "passport". We will do all of this on the first day. We are also going to look at art from the culture and we are going to cook their food. Carly told me that she wanted to learn about different kinds of people and eat like them, and write about them. So thats the plan here. Now I just need to get a world map for the wall so she can see where the countries are at in relation to each other. Any ideas of where to get a good one?

The other preparations that I'm working on is the Healthy Eating Discovery that we are doing with Julie and Caroline. We are going to learn about healthy food and what food does for our bodies! This was inspired by the "Food Revolution" show with Jamie Oliver! He showed why chicken nuggets aren't healthy by showing how they are made! Yikes! I will never eat another chicken nugget ever! lol

So that is what is happening here! There is of course the Easter Preparations to do here. The Easter Bunny comes tomorrow and Carly is Super excited! I dont know if she'll make it! lol She loves holidays! Well Happy Easter to all of you! I hope that you all have a great and blessed holiday!

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