Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color Class ~ Week 4

Its Thursaday again, so its time for me to post all about our color class! Once again it was a great time for everyone! Our lesson today was on warm and cool colors, and symetry. The kids each cut out a shape (most of them did butterflies) an then they painted one half of the butterfly with warm colors and  folded it in half so that the colors made a symetrical design. They then did this with cool colors! I loved seeing all of their different designs and their faces as they unfolded thier art to find out what their design looked like! Here are the kids hard at work!
Here they are talking all about different media we can use to make color.

There was also a quick artisit study showing a picture that uses both warm and cool colors.

Then they started cutting out their shapes.

Then they added color!

Here is the demonstration of how the color is the same on each side!

It is really cool!

Thinking of what to paint!

Ohhh, looks great!!!!

Here is some pictures of their work!!!! They are so cool!

Hearts by CM (age 5)

Butterfly by CS (age 5)

This one is by CS (age 5)

Cross by HM (age 4)

The other Butterfly by CS (age 5)

Here are a few mor finished pieces of art!

The Littles got to finger paint! They each did one picture, but LS (age 2) really LOVE it!

I loved their unsure look as they tried if the first time! :)

LS (age 2) loved it!

Too Cute!

There was also some friendships in the making! ;)

Art by LS (age 2)

Art by SL (age 2)

Art by RM (age 2)

Here is an art piece by LS. We put paint on her hands and she rubbed them together and then put them on the paper yelling "LS hands!!!!!" :)

So that is our class for the week!!!! All the kids had alot of fun, not only painting, but also spending time together! Next week we are all off to a pottery class instead of our regular class! Talk to you later! Happy Schooling!

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