Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Advanced Art Class~ Week 1~ By JL (age 15)

Well everyone, I have another student blogger today! He is one of the students in the advanced art class an they are working on drawing. So welcome JL!

In this week’s art lesson I learned contour drawing, which is where you try to drawing the exact same shape and bends of wire that you have twisted. The purpose of this is for you to learn to look at shapes as just lines instead of what they really are. So when I did my drawling exercise which was to draw a bird, a chief, and an owl I drew them upside down. I also learned to look critically at my art which is when you step back and look were you could do better, this way you can learn from your mistakes. It was a lot of fun to learn and to do and I can’t wait to learn what’s next.
JL's drawing (he did upside down!)

Book's Drawing!

JL did an amazing job! I cant wait to see what else he does! This is yet another stellar example of student art! Thanks so much JL for sharing! Stay tuned everyone, Week 2 art class is tomorrow!!!!

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