Thursday, September 22, 2011

Advanced Art Class~ Week 3~ by JL age 15

I also have the pleasure today of welcoming JL! He is here to share his work this week in the advanced art class!

In this week’s art lesson I learned how to sketch. I started by sketching straight horizontal and vertical lines, which took me a little to get used to. I then sketched circles and ellipses or ovals. I found the circles to be very difficult. After I learned some of the sketch lines, I learned to combine them and make some shapes. I combined the oval and the strait lines to make a cylinder. Next I took the oval, sketched a curve line under it to make a bowl. Then I took the things that I learned and used them to make a bottle. Before, I didn’t really know how to sketch properly, now I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for ahring your work with us today! It is awesome to watch how many new things you are learning! Well I will have our new art class post later! Happy Schooling!

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