Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Class ~ Week 3~ By: KL (age 12)

Hi everyone, I want to once again welcome KL who is here to share with us her thoughts on our color class last week!

For this week’s art lesson we talked more about the color wheel. The color wheel can have many colors in it. But there are six main colors that it will always have, those colors are red, blue, and yellow, (The primary colors) and green, purple, and orange (The secondary colors). It may have colors in between, but it will always have the primary and secondary colors. For our lesson this week we used the color wheel with six colors, the primary and secondary colors.

Painting by KL age 12

First everyone got a paper with a plain color wheel with six parts; each was at a different spot on the paper. Then we each painted in the primary colors in a triangle; leaving one triangle in between each spot. In the empty spots we painted the secondary colors in between the spots that they go in. For an example we painted purple in between the red and the blue. The older ones (Me, JS, and VL) mixed the primary colors to get the secondary color, but for the littler ones (NL, CS, ML, etc.) the colors were already mixed. After we painted the color wheel we painted a picture using the color wheel as a part of the picture. Even though we each had a color wheel on our paper and we each used the same colors it was all different because we each had a different picture.
Painting by NL age 7

Painting by CM age 5

Thanks KL for your post! I think that the paintings turned out really well! You all did a great job and I cant wait to see what you make next week! 

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