Friday, September 2, 2011

Color Class~ Week 1

Our first Co-Op event was put on my mom! She is doing a color concept course for kids 5th grade and under her basement art studio! Our first class the other day was a huge success! The kids learned about primary colors and how they are the the basis of all colors in the color wheel! We also talked about how certain color stand out more then others in a painting, and about patterns. The kids then had time to paint a repeating pattern picture using Primary Colors! They turned out really well and everyone had a great time! We will be having our color class once a week for 8 weeks. Here are the pictures from our first class!

Here is our art studio all ready for work! :)

We first had a teaching session....

....then everyone got to work!

Here is Bunny (my 5 year old) working!
The goal was to paint the same primary color pattern in all 8 squares on the paper.

Here are the finished painting! They turned our really well!

Even our smallest artist got a chance to work! They worked with bingo painters for the first part of the class!

Here is Pup (my 2 year old). She is really proud of her work!

So is her friend!

Even the baby had fun!

After the bigger kids had finished, the little ones were invited to paint too!

All in all this was such a HUGE success! The ids loved it and I really think that they learned alot! We cant wait till next week! See you then! Happy Schooling!

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