Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color Class~ Week 2!

Today we had our second color class with everyone and it was wonderful! The lesson today was about mixing secondary colors! It was alot of fun! The kids were asked to trace different shapes onto their paper in an overlapping design. Then they were to paint circle blue, squares yellow, and triangles red. The parts that were overlapping remained white, and they were filled in with the secondary color the two shapes made. This was a fun way to see the color mixing happen. It was a little tricky at first for the kids to do, but then they got the hang of it! They all did great work and I hope they learned about which colors mix to make other ones! :) Here are the pictures of our class!
The "Little's" were able to paint today! They loved it! The looks of concentration are so cute! :)

Here is their finished art!

Here is the teaching portion of the lesson! The color wheel one of the focal points!

They also looked at some art to see how the primary colors are the first your eyes see, then you see the secondary colors! It was fun to see how that was true in each picture! :)

They started by tracing shapes onto their paper.

The next step was to paint the primary colors.

Then we had a demonstration of how to mix colors.

Here is one proud artist!

Here is another!

Here are the final paintings waiting to dry!!!! :)

They all did such a great job! I loved all the finished products!!!! Next week have another one, and tomorrow we have a student blogger so check back soon! Happy Schooling!

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